It's about making healthy fun! 

Yogland caters to everyone, offering unique menu items by providing superfood boosted eats and drinks when on the move. Our menu is plant-based, paleo and gluten-friendly making everyday snacks more functional and that bit more satisfying. 

The number one goal is to combine great ideas with quality ingredients to give you everything your body needs and everything your tastebuds want.

Yogland - Fit Frozen Dessert


It's no secret, healthy is the new trend! So be the trendsetter in your neighbourhood. 


Join the Yogland family today and start making healthy fun in your home town!



Yogland offers catering services and pop-ups for all types of occasions. Whether its an exhibition, seasonal party, wedding, birthday or business meeting Yogland can provide guests with delicious guilt-free treats and make your event one to remember!


Have an existing business?


Make your customers happy and start

serving the healthier option today, now available in both softserve and scoop!



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