4 Reasons Why Froyo is Healthier Than Ice Cream

As the ages old saying goes, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for froyo.” A few years back, ice cream was the cool kid on the block, but now, froyo is at the head of the race... Relax guys – there’s no reason to have a food fight, there’s only one clear winner in this race, and it’s froyo.

Here are just some of the many reasons why froyo is healthier (and generally better) than ice cream:

1. Froyo has fewer calories on average than ice cream – our creamy and rich vanilla froyo only has 78 calories per 100g, whereas ice cream (on average) comes packed with over 200. Whether you’re watching the calories or not, froyo is simply the healthier choice. But watch out – this doesn’t go for all kinds of froyo, ours is the healthiest on the market.

2. Healthier ingredients – our froyo is composed with a hearty blend of milk, probiotics, natural flavouring, and stevia; which means no hidden nasties! Meanwhile, ice cream is infused with, if not corn syrup, a lot of sugar, salt, artificial flavours, and colouring. The immense flavour of froyo simply relies on healthy, natural ingredients like Stevia. Basically, froyo has more nutrients AND more flavour than ice cream. It’s a win-win.

3. Flavours as funky as they are colourful – there’s no need to be confined to the same old vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate trinity. Froyo is an innovative desert with flavours that range from Raspberry Lemonade Sorbet, to Cookies and Cream, and even the innovative Hemp-Matcha. Expanding the scope for healthier, vegan—inclusive flavours is in the mix too, especially with our lovely Strawberry-Banana flavour, packed with essential amino acids!

4. Froyo has far less fat than ice cream – ice cream typically tallies around seven grams of fat per serving, whereas Yogland’s froyo has zero grams of fat. Zip, zilch, naught, none… Less guilt per bite? Count us in.

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