5 Reasons Why Protein Cookie Sandwiches Are The Treat of the Summer!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for... froyo cookie sandwiches. An unofficial not at all scientific study concluded that froyo cookie sandwiches are the best desert in all of existence and across time itself. [Insert drool here].

Today, we’re giving you the lowdown on why froyo cookie sandwiches are the treat of the summer:

1. As healthy as they are tasty – frozen yogurt is a comparably healthier treat to ice cream. Delicious and light, froyo comes in non-fat, vegan, and no added sugar varieties, meaning that a froyo cookie sandwich is 10/10 a healthy summer snack.

2. Pack a protein punch – our protein cookies (pictured) are just one example of the fun ways protein can be incorporated into your diet. Basically the cake around a whoopie pie with a pow of protein at the end, these make awesome post-gym sesh treats or a protein punch on-the-go.

3. They’re Instagram-able AF… – I mean, just look at them? While not all foods in life, alas, are #aestheticgoals, froyo cookie sandwiches are the OED definition of it.

4. Perfect for any time of day – did you know? A froyo cookie sandwich isn’t just a post-dinner desert. It could be lunchtime, snack-time, or even ‘just gotten outta bed’ time, but this frozen treat always tastes good. There are even breakfast-oriented cookie sandwiches for sale nowadays.

5. They’re social and quick – well, we’re not saying the froyo talks, people. Instead, you walk past any froyo place and the chairs are crammed with people chatting and catching-up. Meeting a pal for a froyo cookie sandwich in an effort to beat the summer heat; what more could you want?

Not quite sold yet? Stop by and try one out and you'll definitely agree with us.

See ya soon!

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