5 Frozen Yogurt Toppings That Will Top Off Your Day

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

We've transformed the dessert scene with a low calorie frozen dessert that provides the real taste and creamy texture of ice cream, without the guilt! Our no sugar added, naturally sweetened handcrafted frozen treats also pack a mean protein punch. Unlike other froyo brands, Yogland is the perfect spot to grab a fit frozen dessert. And better yet, there's zero guilt attached meaning you can indulge happily one spoonful at a time.

Today, we're giving you five froyo toppings that’ll make your froyo experience just that little bit nicer:

1. Oreos – “How do you eat your Oreos?” On froyo, please! Oreos are small chocolate cookies that can be dunked straight into the froyo, or crushed and crumbled all over. We recommend you do so on peanut butter froyo or better yet make it an Oreo² dosage with cookies and cream.

2. Raspberries – topping with fresh fruit like raspberries, is the perfect, healthy way to add a little hint of natural sweetness to your froyo. Pair with a wild berry sorbet to further increase the amount of antioxidants and vitamin C you'll be getting!

3. Gluten-free brownies – does it even need a persuasive description, or does the thought alone do it for you? Brownies are perfect scattered on top of our gourmet vanilla froyo. If you want to mix it up further, we'd recommend adding a dash of almonds and drizzling it all with our rich chocolate syrup.

4. Saucy sauces – the true MVP of the topping scene. Some totally real and not at all fictional scientific studies suggest all froyo scoops can be 110% improved with the addition of sweet-tasting syrups. Our secret sauce is sold in-store is made of aged pistachio butter with fine crunchy chocolate pieces. Try it on real pistachio froyo, dutch chocolate, or classic greek-style froyo.

5. Protein Cookie Bites – up your protein levels with our unbelievably-tasty protein cookie bites. Cookies that are healthy AND delicious? We’re sold - and you should be too!

Protein cookie bites

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