Healthy Ways to Get Protein in Your Diet

Some people avoid protein because many protein-rich foods are high in fat and calories. But there are healthy ways to get protein in your diet and still lose weight. Use these tips to eat the right amount of protein for weight loss and good health.

Will Protein Help You Lose Weight?

People usually expect to get hungry when they go on a diet to lose weight. But if you eat more protein, losing weight doesn't necessarily mean going hungry.

Good sources of lean protein can help you to feel full and satisfied during the day, which may help to curb your cravings so you lose weight faster.

Sarah Berndt, a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer explains that not only does protein improve satiety—that feeling of fullness—but lean protein also helps to stabilize blood sugar, provide immune support, and helps you to maintain a healthy metabolism.

So how do you get enough protein to lose weight? Sarah suggests getting some form of protein at every meal. These are just a few ways to get creative and include protein at each meal, during snack time and even at dessert (oh yeah!)