Move over Pumpkin Spice!

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Well, sadly summer is over... but hey, were fully embracing some new fall flavour!

Though it's pretty hard to dethrone pumpkin spice, this year, it seems like the new It Girl of fall flavours is shaping up to be cinnamon. Seriously, everywhere you look cinnamon is taking over and at Yogland we've made it even better by adding in delicious swirls of smooth caramel. Well actually, it gets better than that....its guilt free! How? its fat free, protein packed and virtually sugar free.

Enjoy our delicious healthy scoop as an ice cream cookie sandwich filling or on top of a warm handcrafted belgian waffle! You could also enjoy on its own or topped off with some nuts and fresh fruit!

Cinnamon Caramel is now available at our London store. You can also order a delivery online via Deliver, Uber Eats or At Hand.

Follow us @yogland for more new flavour announcements.

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