Reasons to Eat Froyo All Autumn/ Winter Long

With the temperatures slowly dropping and October creeping up on the calendar, it’s safe to say that Summer has come to an end. But it doesn’t mean that froyo season is wrapping-up just because you’re piling on the layers. Autumn and winter can be just as froyo-filled as the warmer months!

Chocolate Froyo with Smarties and Marshmallows

Here are four reasons why you need to keep indulging in #froyo during the chilly seasons:

1. Froyo is the ultimate comfort food – as you cosy up by the fire (or the Youtube video of a fireplace you’ve put on) a tub of froyo is your perfect companion. A rich flavour of froyo – think cookies and cream, salted caramel, or even pumpkin spice – is the perfect autumn or winter companion. These sweet flavours can add serious value to any weekend Netflix session wrapped-up in blankets.

2. You burn more calories in colder temperatures – well… kinda. According to a University of Utah study reported on by the New York Times, your base metabolic rate (that’s how many calories your burn by simply existing, as exhausting as that can be at times) does increase ever so slightly during the cold. Why? Your body is using more energy to stay warm, so keeping chilled with some cold froyo will only make you thinner (gradually)! We're scientific, ya know...

3. Froyo is a healthier alternative to sugary treats – the colder months, especially with Halloween and the holidays, can be an ongoing buffet of sugary treats to over-indulge in. Celebrate sticking to a healthy diet by treating yourself to a frozen, guilt-free treat like our delicious protein froyo.

4. 6th February is National Frozen Yogurt Day – with all the benefits and diversity of froyo (ie. being way better for you), no wonder there’s a dedicated day to celebrate it. You must hit up the froyo bars and enjoy all the benefits that the cold cup of deliciousness has to offer. There’s never a bad day to enjoy froyo, especially when it’s #NationalFroyoDay!

Green Apple Froyo with Green Apple Balls

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