The 5 Do's and Don'ts of Ordering Froyo Revealed

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Green Apple Froyo

With so many amazing flavours, toppings, and dishes to choose from, ordering yourself one of our protein packed, naturally sweetened, and handcrafted frozen treats can be daunting. But don't worry, as today we're bringing you the holy guide to ordering froyo. Let's start off with the must do rituals when ordering your treat!


Sample Flavours

Don’t be afraid to ask someone in-store to give you samples. Dip in a few spoons in and see which flavour(s) work for you, ensuring that you’re totally in love with the flavour.

Bring your kids

Froyo is something that can really top off your day, especially when you’re a child. Treat them on a warm summer’s day with froyo and they’ll never forget it!

Treat Yo’self

Life is meant to be lived! And one way to live is to embrace all that is the bounty of life… aka, eat all the froyo you can. And with our low-calorie options, you can feel good about indulging in our naturally sweetened treats.

Mix and match

Feel free to experiment and compliment different flavours and toppings together. You’d be surprised with which toppings taste phenomenal together!

Reverse the order

To keep froyo under control, flip the order. So, head to the topping station first and then top-up with froyo.

Now it's time for the don'ts. Try and avoid these things next time you get froyo. It’ll make your entire experience flow more smoothly from first to last bite – we promise!


Order bigger than a tennis ball

If balancing your waistline with your budget, thinking of a single-scoop of froyo as being no bigger than a tennis ball is a major life hack.

Fill your froyo cup to the top

Your froyo cup isn’t the storage for your last supper. Keep your froyo portion in check by weighing as you order, pre-toppings. That way, you won’t have the Niagara Falls of spillages when you dig in or when it starts to melt.

Assume it isn’t vegan

There are many foods that vegan folks feel are blacklisted to them. But in fact, many alternatives are on offer nowadays, even froyo! We offer a wide variety of different Vegan friendly flavours, ensuring everyone can indulge in a guilt free snack.

Mix and match… too much

Fun fact: your taste buds can feel overworked at times when dealing with multiple flavours. Flavour can get fatigued if you pile too many on.

Chuck your toppings on in a random order

Get strategic; place larger toppings such as chunky berries on first. This way, they’re far less likely to fall off!

Keep these tips in mind and your next froyo visit will be as peachy as can be.

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