Top 10 food trends to watch out for in 2020, according to Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market just released its list of 2020 food trends to watch for and topping the list of predictions is a continued focus on environmentally conscious eats. From alternate nut butters to West African flavors to fancy nonalcoholic drinks, Whole Foods lists what you can expect to see on shelves next year. Here’s the range of general agricultural concepts, ingredients, and products Whole Foods bets you’ll be devouring.

Zero-alcoholic drinks

Whole Foods

Non-alcoholic happy hour? Yep! Zero-proof drinks are expected to become more popular as a growing number of people, especially millenials seek out alternatives to alcohol, Whole Foods said. Whether you call them mocktails, zero-proof or spirit-free drinks, non-alcoholic beverages are becoming a staple at happy hours around the country.